Kean Electronics

Kean Electronics Pty Ltd is an IT consulting and embedded system design house, located in Sydney, Australia.

We specialise in consulting related to Windows, Unix, and Linux servers, firewalls, email systems, networking, and Progress OpenEdge.
We also work with clients to design and prototype embedded systems using off the shelf and/or custom hardware, open source and proprietary software, and various communication networks.
Our designs are simple, yet practical, and we make heavy use of custom software to get the most from the hardware.

Since 1984 we have been designing computerised control systems, and writing software for a variety of applications. Some of these include:

The majority of our work is consulting to third parties, and work is usually covered under NDA agreements.
We generally only sell "finished products" to research organisations or universities.

We also have a number of Open Source Hardware projects - some developed in conjunction with the Sydney Hackerspace

We have experience across a wide range of hardware, software, and technology -- including:
  • ARM - ST Micro STM32, Freescale iMX
  • Raspberry Pi, Gumstix, Embbeded ARM
  • Texas Instruments MSP430
  • Microchip PIC 12, 16, 18, 24 series
  • Atmel AVR
  • Motorola 6809 and 68HC11
  • Intel 80x86, 8031, 8051, etc
  • Zilog Z80 series
  • C and C++
  • C#.NET on Windows Desktop/Embedded/Mobile
  • Assembler, BASIC & Forth
  • Unix/Linux - Mail/Web/Firewalls/Embedded
  • Python, PHP, MySQL, etc
  • Progress OpenEdge and WebSpeed
  • iOS & Android app maintenace
  • Server virtualisation - ESX & HyperV
  • RS-232, RS-485, I2C, SPI, USB
  • TCP/IP, Ethernet and Wireless
  • GPS, GPRS/3G, SMS, LoRa, radio links
  • Photodiodes, Load Cells, RFID
  • Circuit and PCB design (Eagle/Altium/LTspice)
  • G-Code, ModBus, & motion control
  • CNC design and prototyping (CamBam/Mach3/grbl)
  • 3D Printing

If you have an interest in our services, please contact us.

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